You know you want 
to live your passion
(Cause oh my goddess... that makes you feel so aligned, right?!)
...But sometimes it feels like the only way to get there is to push yourself.
(You end up losing connection with your sexy self and feel stuck, tired and overwhelmed.)

meet the team
Ecstatic Awakening facilitators
Your adventure guides:
+ a team of healers, coaches and assistants
Ronja Sebastian
meet the team
Ecstatic Awakening facilitators
Your adventure guides:

+ a team of healers, coaches and assistants
Ronja Sebastian
Exploration of Consciousness, Authentic Relating, Qigong, 
Breathwork, Sacred Sexuality, AcroYoga, Massage and Meditation
Ronja Sebastian is a speaker, international event leader, and catalyst into limitless living.

Bridging the psychedelic and spiritual with next level business creation: bending time, creating more while doing less, tapping into quantum reality and feeling naturally invincible.

Ronja is the creator of the Ecstatic Awakening Retreat (Bali/Hawaii/NL/Spain), the founder of the Dream Beyond Mastermind Immersion Bali, the Ultimate Goddess Retreat, the Limitless Meditation, the Abundant Passionpreneur & the SensualBliss Online Temple – and is a facilitator at Authentic Relating Training International (ART).
She's a certified Tao Tantric Arts Instructor, Massage Therapist, Transformational Breath Coach, Business Coach, Dancer and Yogini.

Since 2010 Ronja has been traveling the world, hosting retreats around Europe, Asia and the USA – events that are consistently described as "the most impactful, epic, transformative experience of my life", and "kinda like taking the Limitless pill".

Accidentally discovering sacred sexuality at age 17, she has spent the last 15 years studying awakening & embodiment with Taoist and Tantric masters, including David Deida, Mantak Chia, Chameli Ardagh, Shashi Solluna, Ma Prem Sarita, Layla Martin and many more.

Initially focusing on trauma healing, her retreats and courses now dive into the question: 
What happens when enough of the "healing" is done? 
Empowering the conscious creators to live their most epic life 
and create what you came to this planet for.

Currently she’s sharing/teaching about how to wake up to our true nature as pure Awareness/Presence/Consciousness – and how to integrate that into the human experience of emotions and relationships – so that we can open to deep love while living in a state of freedom no matter the circumstances…

Her message:
We are limitless beings. You are love. Everything is possible.
Watch a taster of Ronja Sebastian:
How to create the life of your dreams:
Wake Up Happy | Morning Flow Yoga Meditation
HOW TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY & BEND TIME (Get More Done In Less Time + Feel Awesome)
“Know that you are Consciousness. Live as Love. 
And allow Consciousness and Energy to make love through you/as you in each moment 
of this unbearably beautiful existence...”
- Ronja Sebastian
Jeff Kirdeikis
Yoga, AcroYoga, Massage and Breath
Jeff Kirdeikis is an all loving, and fully open hearted, international yogi from Canada.
Once a professional firefighter, Jeff took a leap of faith to completely immerse himself into a deep curiosity and inner calling towards Yoga and holistic living.

Now blessed to live a life of passion, he travels the world sharing his intuitive knowledge of massage, reiki, and yogic living, pathways for the realization of our eternal state of bliss.

With a deep desire to inspire individual creative expression in others, he loves to express himself through dance, music, movement and compassion.

Knowing that we are already that which we dream to be, Jeff aspires to bring light the inner guru in each of us.
“We’re on this earth for 90 maybe 100 years. Let’s enjoy every moment of it.

In the grand scheme of things, our problems really aren’t problems.

The only moment that matters is right Here, right Now.

This breath… It’s a miracle that in this moment, we are Alive.

Tomorrow, even the next moment, isn’t guaranteed.

So let’s live in Celebration!

Let’s choose to be thankful for what we have,

Let’s choose to follow our curiosities, our passions, our loves.

Let’s choose to be absolutely courageous, free to be who we really are, who we dream to be!

Let’s choose to spread happiness, compassion, and love, for others, and ourselves, all along the way.

Let’s choose, to remember, we’re in this together.

Humans, nature, animals, plants,

Let’s radiate love, dance our dance.”

– Jeff Kirdeikis
Jonathan Barry
Jonathan Barry
Ecstatic Awakening Mind Lab Experience & Sacred Strategy
Jonathan Barry is a consciousness engineer, digital nomad, surfer, lucid dreamer and business strategy ninja.
Founder of Sacred Strategy, the MindLab Institute and the author of "Hack Your Education".

In 2008 Jonathan founded the Aloha Movement Project (AMP) 501c3, and supporting Social Entrepreneurship Mentorship Programs for university and high school students. 

He has built a million dollar recording studio in Honolulu and has published 2 books. 

As the Youth Director for United Nations Association of Hawaii he has given a TED Talk about his vision of transforming the education system and travelled the world representing UNA Hawaii.
Jonathan is an artist of social transformation and awareness. He has been hosting community gatherings to create opportunities for “rights of passages” and “spiritual awakening”. “Manifestation Mondays” and “AudiOasis” are two of the conscious community event series that feature speakers, music and healing art ceremony and have been running for 4 years.

As an Educator Jonathan teaches a class called Sacred Strategy- a 16 week conscious entrepreneurship course designed to align your business strategy with universal principals.

"Honestly, I think the things you guys are teaching may be the single most important thing 
that anyone can learn to truly change their lives."

"I have been to three Tony Robbins events and several personal development workshops...this was better then all of them combined."

"It was one of the most valuable classes I have ever taken. It gave me the inspiration, motivation, and confidence I needed to move forward. I feel like I am on a mission! Thank you so much for being a guide. You really opened my eyes..."
– Amanda Waltman, Health Coach, USA
Mike Vestil 
Mike Vestil 
Mike Vestil
Awakened Entrepreneurship & Business Acceleration
Mike Vestil is an author, speaker, youtuber, investor. 
Founder of the 100k Tribe and the Bali Mastermind.

Known for building a business from zero to $1.5 million in 12 months while traveling the world.
He's the creator the fastest growing digital nomad youtube channel and podcast in the world.

In his own words, he's kind of a mad scientist when it comes to making passive income online while living your deeper purpose, and creating freedom in you life, health, time, abundance and love.

Here are some (not-so) fun facts about Mike... :)

He's the author of The Lazy Man’s Guide to Living the Good Life 
He would rather swim with whale sharks or jump off of waterfalls than buy a Lamborghini
He went from zero to $1.5 million in 12 months
He has helped thousands of business owners from hundreds of different industries scale their businesses to the next level.

Mike is a ninja in helping take a newbie business virgin and turn them into a badass elite entrepreneur in record time.

"Every single day I am always testing, researching, and concocting more and more ways on how to generate multiple passive income streams so that I can survive the next recession, zombie apocalypse, or illuminati take over... ;)

All while living my life like a crazy action-adventure-romantic-comedy movie.

Your fellow freedom fighter."

– Mike Vestil
Watch a taster of Mike:
One Potent Shift to Become Successful
Sexual Transmutation: The Best Kept Secret To Getting Rich
5 Steps to Creating an EPIC Lifestyle Business
Andrew Sealy 
Andrew Sealy
Andrew Sealy
AcroYoga & Massage
Andrew Sealy is a connection catalyst, Yoga artist, and movement creator. 

He is the creator of the Yoga Revealed Podcast – #1 Yoga podcast on iTunes 
– and a resident teacher for Alo Yoga.

His days are spent traveling to find adventure, practicing to cultivate growth, and constantly absorbing wisdom to creating new experiences that he shares with love to his friends around the world. 
Driven by his profound passion for self healing, Andrew Sealy’s Yoga journey began soon after his college education of microbiology ended. From a young boy exploring the beaches of Barbados, Andrew has always had a profound connection with nature and its healing properties. 

After completing his 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Centre’ in San Luis Obispo his path of health education continued with his High Honors Graduation from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. With his profound curiosity of body-mechanics and human potential he set on a path to build his temple through the devout practice of Yoga.

The continuous self discovery process of Yoga compels Andrew to embody progressive knowledge while positively influencing and empowering his students. 

This drive is derived from a deep place within his heart that confirms humanity’s genuine kind nature and true intention to change, grow, and maintain its natural beauty. 

When you ask Andrew "Why Yoga?", he answers with a smile: 
“Yoga is a complete science of self discovery that is not a competitive sport or mere challenge of wit. Yoga is the only practice I have found that truly challenges me to embody positive change while integrating all aspects of self discipline to bring forth harmony within the body, mind, and soul.”
Watch a taster of Andrew Sealy:
AcroYoga at Envision 2019
Restorative Yoga Flow
Ryel Kestano & Jason W Digges 
Ryel Kestano & Jason W Digges 
Ryel Kestano & Jason W Digges 
— founders of Authentic Relating Training International (ART)
ART International is the most cutting edge Authentic Relating training in the world.
Life-changing courses that empower you to be more alive, awake and aware in all your relationships.

Their methods are designed to train you to develop and practice skills 
that catalyze transformation and upgrades within yourself and all of your relationships - immediately.

Learn ninja relating skills to:
Create deep and meaningful connections with anyone you meet.
Create authentic attraction (when that's what you desire).
Recognize opportunities in the midst of conflict. 
Feel at ease even when you're feeling nervous.
Be relaxed, empathic and charismatic in any social circumstance.
Create nourishing, expansive and empowering relationships.
Take all your relationships to a new level of depth, union, freedom and love.

Can you relate to this?...

"Relationships can get sticky sometimes. 
There are moments when we it feels like we are communicating 
from two different worlds… because we are! 

Each of us is walking around in our own bubble constantly 
projecting the world that we see onto the real world and other people. 

Deep and clear knowledge of self is the key to having 
relationships that flow and are in harmony."

The mission statement - an Authentic World of empowered men and women:

"We're committed to bringing about a world of healthy, connected, revealed, honest, 
enlivened, and intimate relationships, with both self and others.

Transform yourself, your relationships and the world."

Ryel Kestano is the lead designer of ART’s curriculum, and is a Senior Course Leader. 

Prior to co-founding ART International, Ryel oversaw all training operations at the Integral Center in Boulder, a world-renowned leader in transformational workshops. 

Ryel is also the co-founder and visionary behind Virtuance, one of the largest providers of real estate photography in the world, and the co-founder and visionary behind Pink Mammoth, one of the Bay Area's largest and most successful DJ & creative arts collectives.

Ryel has four very authentic kids and lives in Boulder. 
Jason W Digges is an artist, philosopher, teacher, video producer and resident teacher at the Integral Center in Boulder, CO. 

From 2003-2012 he worked for Ken Wilber and other clients to create thousands of hours of educational media on the topics of transpersonal psychology, spirituality, productivity, and personal growth. 

For the past 4 years he has been a trainer and facilitator for groups within the authentic relating and circling realm and is positively obsessed with how humans can live and relate optimally.

"The words that come to mind to describe the ART experience are: powerful, connective, transformative, heart-opening, community, humbling, and WOW! We talked, opened, unpacked, laughed, cried and grew, both as individuals and as community. It was perfect and just as it needed to be. Thank you Ryel and Jason for being our awesome fearless leaders!"
— Cassie Drew, Asheville
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